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friday, july 10th 2020


Description of the activity

Processing of the permit to access the Pico del Teide on foot using the "Telesforo Bravo Trail" (nº 10 of the Park network), the only one that connects La Rambleta (3,555 meters) with the summit (3,717.98 meters). This journey is done on foot. This activity is independent of having reached La Rambleta on foot or by using the cable car.


More information

PERMITS FOR ACCESS TO MOUNT TEIDE ON TIME SLOT 15:00 TO 17:00 MUST TO BE USED BEFORE 16:30. FAILURE TO PRESENT YOUR PERMIT BEFORE THIS TIME WILL RESULT IN BECOMING INVALID. VERY IMPORTANT: IT IS OBLIGATORY FOR EACH PERSON NAMED ON THE PERMIT TO SHOW THEIR PASSPORT OR OFFICIAL IDENTIFICATION DOCUMENT WHEN THEY REACH THE TELESFORO BRAVO TRAIL. IF THE PERSON WHO APPLIED FOR THE PERMIT IS UNABLE TO DO SO, THE PERMIT WILL BE ANNULLED FOR THE APPLICANT AND ALL OF THE COMPANIONS NAMED ON THE PERMIT. THE PERMIT IS NOT VALID IF THE PERSON WHO APPLIED FOR IT IS NOT PRESENT.WHEN YOU FILL OUT THE ONLINE FORM ONLY THE FIELDS MARKED WITH A RED ASTERISK * ARE REQUIRED. SUCH FIELDS ARE MANDATORY. Teide National Park has had to regulate visits to this emblematic and fragile area in order to protect it and offer visitors a higher quality and safer experience. Because there is a daily quota of visitors that can access this area every day, a permit must be obtained in order to visit Pico del Teide. This permit will allow you to access the base of the summit. This permit can only be applied for through the RESERVATIONS link on this web page (click above) and is only valid for the specific time period of the date reserved. You can apply for the permit up until 2 PM of the day prior to the date that you wish to visit the peak; however, due to the visitor quota, permits are subject to availability. In addition, the permit will be invalidated if the Administration of the National Park closes the trail. Although this permit allows you to visit the peak, you are not authorized to leave the trail or enter into the crater at any time. However, the other two trails that start at La Rambleta, next to the cableway station, and go to the Pico Viejo and La Fortaleza viewpoints can be used freely. In order to better control groups visiting the peak, visitors must choose a specific time period to carry out this activity: - From 9:00 to 11:00 AM. - From 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM. - From 1:00 to 3:00 PM. - From 3:00 to 5:00 PM (if you choose this period, be aware that the last cabins of the Teide Cableway come down around 4:30 PM and sometimes earlier, especially during winter). For more information about fares, schedules and days of operation, please contact with the cable car company ( The last section of the climb to the summit of the Teide volcano passes through Trail #10 of the National Park Trail Network, known as the ‘Telesforo Bravo Trail’ in honour of the illustrious geologist from Tenerife whose work has allowed us to comprehend and value the origins and secrets of this mythical place. The total distance this route covers is approximately 650 m with a climb of about 163 m. The beginning of the trail (La Rambleta) is located at an altitude of 3555 m and the highest point (Pico del Teide) is 3717.98 m. Remember that afterwards you will need to go down the trail. Keep in mind that this permit has nothing to do with the cableway, a transportation service that is not always available. The environmental conditions of this high mountain area, including less oxygen, could affect physical performance, causing you to tire more quickly. Therefore, this climb is not recommended for individuals with pulmonary, respiratory or cardiac problems or those with high blood pressure. Remember: you undertake this climb under your own responsibility. It is also important to highlight that there are usually extreme weather conditions at this altitude, due to cold and wind and exposure to the sun. It is recommended that you take warm clothes, proper climbing shoes and protect yourself from the sun (hats, sun screen) no matter what time of year you visit. After a short but tiring effort, mainly due to the altitude, you will be able to enjoy impressive and restful panoramas of the National Park, Tenerife and some (in some cases all) of the other islands in the Canary Archipelago from the highest point in Spain. If you have any questions about the permit please read the “Regulations for visitors who wish to use the Telesforo Bravo Trail (Rambleta-Pico del Teide)” which is linked to as a file.

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