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saturday, april 04th 2020




Todos los accesos al Parque Nacional, así como el tránsito por sus senderos, permanecen cerrados, en aplicación del Real Decreto 463/2020, de 14 de marzo, por el que se declara el estado de alarma para la gestión de la situación de crisis sanitaria ocasionada por el COVID-19.

Description of the activity

La Cumbrecita is one of the most visited places. The big amount of cars used to collapse the access. There will be a public transport soon. Meanwhile, you can access there with your own car from 8:00 to 16:00 pm once you have booked a place through internet. There are 16 places per day. It is also possible to walk till there or take a taxi next to the Visitors´ Centre (7 € approximately ) After 16:00 pm it is open till next day.

More information

To plan your visit Before you make your reservation, read this text. That way, you will plan better your visit and will not interfere with others plans.

1.- If your plan is just to look and take pictures, it is ok if you just book a place for one hour. 2.- If your plan is to walk till “Lomo de las Chozas”, it is also ok if you just book a place for one hour. 3.- If your plan is to walk the whole circular route, you will have to book a place for 2 hours. 5.- If your plan is to walk to Pico Bejenado and back, you will have to book a place for 5 hours. 6.- If your plan is to go till “Lomo del Escuchadero”, you will have to book a place for 4 hours.

To make your reservation through internet

1.- You can make your reservation one month before your visit.

2.- If you want to cancel your booked place, you can do in the same web page using your permit number and your key access number (insert it on the first page, on the top right). You can do that 24 hours before your visit. It is important that you do that, otherwise other visitors will not be able to occupy that place. In case you do not cancel your place, you will be fined.

3.- There is no limitation from one reserve to another when you want to book for different days.

4.- When you book in advance, we recommend you to check the booking page before your visit, for prevention any warning of your interest.

5.- The minimum time to reserve is half an hour (30 minutes), that means, the time slots are 30 minutes each and from there, what every visitor deems necessary for his visit. Press in the bar SELECT to choose the time of arrival at the parking. In the tab END OF SEGMENT set the time at which you want to end your stay on the viewpoint. (that is the departure time).  

6.- Those who do not respect the time booked will be fined.

7.- You must print out a copy of your reservation and it must be shown to the guard at the barrier at Riachuelo, and later the copy must lay clearly visible in the vehicle on the car park on the Cumbrecita. If you do not have a printer, you can also show your reservation at the control point/barrier on some device (mobile, tablet) and the staff will take note of your data and give you a paper copy to leave exposed in your vehicle.

 You can pass the barrier even 10 minutes before if you have the permit. If you arrive there after 20 minutes, you will not be able to passs (the guard will not let you and in addition you will be fined).

8.- Once you are in La Cumbrecita, leave you permit in a visible place inside the car. It must be possible to read your permit from the outside, that way the guard will read in your permit: your arrival and departure time.

Form to consult your bookings


 Processing of BOOKINGS
For access to this activity, a permit is necessary.
  1. Making your request online by clicking on the option "bookings" on the menu above
  2. Personally in the National Park's/Centre office, or by any of the procedures indicated in the section "INFORMATION OF THE ACTIVITY"
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